The best way to become askilled and experienced worker is by doing the course in core trading

The construction registration of tradesmen(core trade) scheme was introduced by the BCA(Building and construction authority) to allow an environment sector to build up its core group of skilled and experienced peoplein the construction trade to lead and supervisory roles in the construction workforce. The core trade system is a way to find workers’ quality and productivity levels in the construction industry. To develop the skill, we can go for a core trade training course Singapore

Who are eligible for the Core Trade Registration System?

TheCore Trade scheme is available for local and foreign workers with relevant years of experience working in the construction industry in Singapore. Core Trade provides a platform to retain better and more experienced personnel by providing a clear career progression path and recognition.

According to the Building and construction authority, there are mainly two types of construction personnel a worker may be categorised into:

Construction Tradesmen

Construction Foreman, also known as a construction supervisor

Types of core trade course

  • Waterproofing
  • Plumbing and pipe fitting
  • Ducting and installationfor air con and ventilation
  • Electrical wiring installation

Benefits of core trade trading course

  • Core trade trading course helps in making workers more equipped
  • Course trading course add more technical skills to the worker
  • Employers can extend their maximum employment by upgrading construction personnel with a BCA-approved training course like Core Trade.

Eligibility to sign up for Core Trade Training Course

  • Qualification of the worker
  • Year of construction experience in Singapore
  • Practice set