Know-How And Why To Check Proxy

If you’re in the business or working in a field related to IT and especially in a field related to the internet, you might need to keep a check on proxy servers. If you want to private proxies, you need to know a smart algorithm that will recognize the different formats. With the latest technology, innovations, and API, checking proxy has become easier than ever before. Besides proxy servers, if you are determined to hide your real identity, you can also use a VPN.

Know-How And Why To Check Proxy

Different Types of Proxies

  • Transparent proxies don’t mask your actual IP address. This type of proxy might seem of no use at first, but they are useful for dodging basic firewalls that might restrict entry or prevent proper connectivity.
  • Proxies that are anonymous conceal your real IP address. It means that the real location is blocked or disguised when you use this proxy. An anonymous proxy is perfect for privacy, but the speed gets affected. Moreover, some websites have strong firewall protection, which can identify users using an anonymous proxy.
  • Elite proxies have the benefit of anonymous proxies plus an extra advantage. No firewall can block them, and proxies are completely hidden. Although, since these proxies offer complete privacy, the speed is quite slow because of repeated reloads.

Basics of Checking Proxy

  • You can easily check your proxy by clicking on your internet connection and checking the LAN Settings.
  • You can very easily find countless proxy check servers, IP location detectors, and similar services. More often than not, if you want accurate and reliable results, you might have to make a small payment.
  • You can also take VPN Leak tests to strengthen your proxy further. Depending upon the nature of your need, you can choose from the different types of proxies.
  • A good service to check proxy will offer high speed and always stay up-to-date with new and improved algorithms.
  • Good proxy checking services also offer quite a few different parameters such as the type of proxy, level of anonymity, connectivity speed, even location such as the city, country, and several other parameters.