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The whole Sri Lankan pearls and adornments industry utilizes roughly 650, 000 people including diggers, cutters, polishers, vendors, gems originators, makers, skilled workers, advertisers, gemologists and sales reps. The diamonds business utilizes around 325,000 diggers, 72,000 pearl cutters and 895 jewel exporters. Techniques for jewel cutting and cleaning include both the customary strategy for hand cutting and the electronic strategies for best in class lapidaries. Today Sri Lanka is considered as the quickest creating diamond cutting and completing focus on the planet, delivering stones that satisfy the most elevated universal guidelines. The fundamental universal markets for the Sri Lankan diamonds are United States, Japan, Hong Kong, France, Germany, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Today roughly 25,000 people are utilized in Sri Lanka’s gems fabricating industry. Customary adornments worn by Sri Lankans is carefully assembled and unpredictably structured.

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Anyway to fulfill the needs of the universal market, basic and contemporary structures have been presented. Significant universal purchasers of Sri Lankan gems are United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan and Canada. Permit Issued by the National diamonds and Jewelry authority NGJA Sri Lanka As indicated by the NGJA demonstration, it is culpable offense to lead following exercises without a legitimate permit gave by the NGJA. The provincial workplaces of the NGJA working in Ratnapura, Eheliyagoda, Nula, Monaragala, Matera and Colombo manage the above exercises in separate districts. Aside from these, authorization workplaces are kept up at Nivitigala, Pelmadulla, Embilipitiya, Lunugala, Akuresse, Rakwana, Horana and Norwood. The jewel testing lab of NGJA which was built up in 1972 was endowed with the assignment of giving diamond testing reports, in this manner picking up certainty and honesty in universal pearl exchange.

By and by the research center is staffed by remote prepared gemologists who have acquired universally acknowledged proficient capabilities. Supernatural birth stones started from Tibet which goes back over hundreds of years prior. Ayurvedic birth stones begin from antiquated Indian way of thinking and medication which date to 1500 BC. The lab gives a free diamond testing administration to outsiders and issues jewel testing reports at an ordinary expense of around 860 Sri Lankan rupees. What is more, a gemstone update is given indicating the genuineness of the gemstone at the expense of around 300 Sri Lankan rupees and find what bloodstone is. These administrations are given at research centers working at the NGJA Colombo office. Administrative center at Ratnapura Courses of action are made to give a pearl testing report consolidating a picture of the gemstone at the expense of about 1,800 rupees. A free pearl testing administration is given to outsiders at the NGJA lab in the jewel trade situated at the world exchange place, Colombo and Ratnapura.