ACT Exam Preparation Course – Know Your Exam

The ACT exam is allowed over time under the American College testing program since 1959. The reason for the exam is to test whether the candidates are ready to enter the school level. The exam is widespread and is utilized by various US universities to pass judgment on the qualification for merit scholarships.

The ACT exam covers four subjects including English, mathematics, science and reading that are offered in a various decision format. In spite of the fact that the composing segment had been presented in 2005, anyway it is not acceptable in many universities till date. The 3.5 hours exam is given at various Prometric focuses in the long periods of September, October, December, February, April and June.

Each part of the exam assesses the candidates abilities in various aspects. Here is an outline of what you can expect in the ACT Exam Preparation Course in Bangkok.

ACT Exam Preparation Course in Bangkok


The English segment of the exam tests your usage and Rhetorical abilities. It is a 45-minute exam that comprises of 75 inquiries based on five passages. To dominate in the English segment you will need to read a ton and attempt as many practice tests conceivable. Study meetings with companions can also be useful as you can get things that you do not have the foggiest idea and your companion has learned.


The Maths segment tests all your mathematics abilities that you have been working since your 7th grade. It is an hour long test that comprises of 65 inquiries covers subjects like algebra, geometry and calculation. ACT exams grant the utilization of calculators with paper tapes. This part has five options instead of normal four options.

Take maximum practice tests to recognize your weaker areas and in this way concentrating more on them.


The science area is more about testing a candidate’s ability to understand chart and graphs rather than testing his abilities in subjects like science and science. The test comprises of seven passages followed by five to seven inquiries each. The way to make it large in the science area is to allude acceptable ACT study aides and take a great deal of practice tests. Practice tests make you familiar with the sort of inquiries that may be posed and subsequently make you comfortable with the testing pattern.


The reading segment will measure your cognizance abilities. It will comprise of 40 inquiries based on 4 passages and the time allotted to finish this segment is 35-minutes. The way to accomplishment in this part is reading as reading enhances your vocabulary and broadens your frame of reference so you can understand things in a superior way.