Filogra – a name that speaks excellence in skincare products

filorga products

A brand that believes in aesthetic medicine and that the best cosmetics can be made only after gaining detailed knowledge on skin physiology. The Pioneer of Filorga, Dr. Michel Tordjman has given birth to a range of skincare products that speak of human excellence. filorga products are known for the high-performance anti-aging skin essentials that you just cannot deny

The various categories of products found in Filogra

  • Cleansers – helps in cleansing, removing makeup and skin hydration. Some of them are Foam Cleanser, Micellar Solution and others.
  • Eyes and lips – eye correction creams for wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness. Some are Time filler eyes and Optim eyes.
  • Serums – used against wrinkles and for intense hydration to regain firmness and radiance. Some are, Hydra-hyal and Lift designer.
  • Moisturizers and creams – face creams and lotions are used against wrinkles and gain rejuvenating skin. Some are NCEF essence and Global repair essence.
  • Masks – smoothening, moisturizing, radiance and multi correction masks. Some are Meso mask and Hydra filler mask.
  • Makeup – for that smooth radiant look. Some are Nutri filler lips and Time flash.

Some exceptional products from Filogra

  • NCEF – Shot – supreme polyrevitalizing concentrate.
  • Time-filler – absolute wrinkle correction cream.
  • Global – repair eyes and lips – multi-revitalizing eye and lip contour cream.
  • Time –filler intensive – express smoothing multi-correction wrinkle serum.
  • NCEF-Reverse gift set – perfect skin ritual set in a velvet touch.

In addition to the products, there is a special attraction as well. A personalized online diagnostic tool will help you to determine the right skincare products for you.