Choosing the Right Glues and Adhesives for Your Tasks

When purchasing your glues and adhesives, check the labels for program directions and safety precautions. Ensure the ones that you use in your photos are lignin and acid free. Here’s a list of the most popular options of adhesives and glues you will see in any fans kit that is scrapbooking.

Glue Sticks:

Glue Sticks are clean, white non toxic to use. They are specially formulated for sticking paper and card, until the paste is dry and you can lift and reposition. When using glue sticks, be certain you take the right that is glue to the edge of your job. Glue sticks are not acceptable for use on tissue paper or newspapers that are thin, as they may tear.

All Purpose Craft Adhesives:

These Adhesives are great since they had a large number of items from cloth to paper to sense to plastics to leather. Use adhesives sparingly and not close or it might squish out the sides when you press down the motif onto your design. It is possible to use a tooth pick to apply the perfect amount.


Glue Pens:

Glue Pens will place a dot of glue where you need it and are excellent for sticking on small items such as sequins or punched shapes.

Invisible Mounts:

These are essential in any fans that are scrapbooking kit. They are little squares which are sticky on both sides and are acid free, making them perfect for sticking your photos down.

PVA Adhesives:

PVA Adhesives have excellent power for paper sculpture, collages and pop-ups. You can purchase bottles to apply on your projects, or you will be able to squeeze some and apply it. PVA adhesives are white in color, but will dry clean.

Adhesive Pads:

These are foam pads which are available in varying thicknesses. They are fantastic for providing a three dimensional look as they increase down you is sticking whatever. You can even try using layers. They are flexible and powerful, so this makes them great for sticking on things that are different.

Spray Adhesives:

Spray Adhesives deliver and normally come in cans. Till it dries, you may reposition and it will not leave a deposit. Adhesives are excellent for other newspapers that are thin and tissue paper. Be certain that you follow the security guidelines.

Double-Sided Tape:

Double-sided Tape bonds are very good for holding down the panel of booklets or to use on shaker boxes and firmly. Tape works on several kinds of materials. Click here to investigate more.

Masking Tape:

Masking Cassette in scrapbooking is utilized to hold things it is easy to remove and as you work and will not leave marks. Be certain you cover it since it is not the most attractive if you use masking tape to hold things down permanently.