Using Carpet Cleaner for Pet Hair

Many people make the mistake of thinking any vacuum will work for cleaning up the pet hair in their home. The truth is, not all vacuums are equal when it comes to cleaning up fluff’s hair, dander, bits of litter or food and who knows what else dropped from his/her coat or mouth. If you’re in the market for a new vacuum and need one to clean after your pets, here are a few things to consider. Suction – every vacuum has it of course and putting your hand over the nozzle while the vacuum is on may give you a sense that there is plenty of suction to get that carpet in your family room clean. If you’re looking at a vacuum with a bag, know that no matter how well designed the vacuum is, a bag WILL clog as tiny bits of dust and debris float around the bag and are forced into the bag’s pores.

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When this happens suction begins to decrease as more and more pores become clogged with larger pieces of debris. As the bag fills and more debris enters the problem will get worse. Not stopping the suction completely but impacting it none the less.Bagels vacuums are inherently better by design because the dirt and debris is left inside a canister and not a bag. There are no pores to clog and the air freely moves into and out of the vacuum without going through a bag. Cleaner head & brush bar – all vacuums adjust to the flooring surface being vacuumed. Lower priced vacuums have a brush bar that is fixed within the cleaner head. As the cleaner head moves up or down so does the brush bar. This may be OK on hard floors but on
best carpet cleaning for pets, there needs to be more if you’re going to get the junk that lives deep in the base of the carpet. Look for a cleaner head and brush bar that not only has a height adjustment but also adjust the brush bar height within the cleaner head. When vacuuming a hard floor, you want the cleaner head to form a good seal against the floor to pick up debris and offer some form of dusting service as well. You also want the brush bar moved up a away from delicate flooring.

When cleaning carpets, the cleaner head should move up a bit so the vacuum is easier to push but you want the brush bar driven deep down into the carpet fibers in order to agitate the entire carpet fiber, forcing the hair and dirt to be released. A brush bar that simply agitates the top of the carpet may appear to be clearing but it’s the stuff deep down that will dull and wear out your carpet prematurely as the dirt breaks down the fibers and attracts more dirt. Not to mention the oils coming off your pet’s hair begins to absorb into the carpet. Filtering – vacuuming is a nasty business from the vacuum’s perspective. There’s lots of junk being lifted from the floor and moved through the vacuum before depositing its load in a bag or canister and then exiting the vacuum.